Experience the promise of an endless summer with the new Kat Maconie collection. Crafted from premium leathers in sorbet hues adorned with entrancing sequin paillettes, playful tassels, and intricate embroideries, this high summer capsule offers an elevated blend of high-octane glamour and effortless feminine opulence.

PF23 Collection

The PF23 collection is a celebration of bold experimentation, featuring an array of innovative silhouettes, unexpected textures, and avant-garde color combinations. This collection transcends seasonal trends, offering footwear that's not only a statement piece but also an investment in enduring style.

A versatile color palette is a defining feature of the PF23 collection. Rich jewel tones like sapphire blue add a regal touch, while warm neutrals and metallic accents offer a contemporary edge. These colors allow for effortless integration into various wardrobes and provide endless styling possibilities.