Mixtape: Pilar Zeta

Pilar Zeta kicks off our shiny new series of curated playlists with a spiritual journey through 80's and 90's synths



We were delighted to hear that one of our favourite audiovisual artists and KM Muse; Pilar was to launch (earlier this year) her first LP Moments of Reality. To celebrate we asked Zeta to put together the first in our hopefully long running series of mixtapes.

This ambient and experimental mix, produced to kick off the day with uplifting energy, includes 3 pieces from the fore-mentioned album plus a curation of synth heavy pop and electronica.



So put it on loud and let the tracks take you on a spiritual journey.



01. Better Learning - Pilar Zeta
02. Sentiment - Better Person
03. Naughty Naughty - Isabelle Antena
04. Camilla - Art Of Noise
05. Kaes On Aeg - Velly Joonas
06. Universe Waam - Pilar Zeta
07. Drift - Jan Jelinek
08. Strange Happening - Uku Kuut
09. Clouds to Remember - Pilar Zeta
10. Wake Up City - Saada Bonaire
11. Paridise 楽園 - ASHITAKAアシタカ
12. Say You'll Say So - Geoffrey Landers
13. The Wind Song - Gigi Masin
14. Mu Project - Asia Dream
15. I Won't Bite - Richenel 

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