This Autumn Winter our 'Dusk Dancer' collection explores the sacred space between light and dark - twilight illuminations. The earliest arrivals from the collection are dripping in Americana, embracing the tenacious spirit of cowboy style and the carefree glamour of off-duty showgirls. Design touch-points like after hours 70s motel decor, retro florals, Twin Peaks and Boogie Nights mainline into the heart of the Dusk Dancer. It’s a collection where darker hues meld into powerful bold neon appliques, metallic leathers flirt with zigzag saddles and bold floral trims inject a colour explosion into a series of classic wearable winter shapes.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Mark Hibbert | Featuring Style: May 


Combining colour with future tech design techniques is what drives the KM design process and AW17 sees the studio pick up where their Splash! SS17 collection left off. Debuting an array of winter heels and boots that feature a forward thinking 3D layering technique inspired by 70s patterning can be seen on feature pieces Eliza and Tara.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Mark Hibbert | Featuring Style: Eliza


Additional to new advancements in layering techniques KM use the Dusk Dancer to experiment with enlarged dome studs, overlay riveting, bold geometric embroidery and embossed metallic leathers to create a mix of minimalist and maximalist styles. The Dusk Dancer collection deconstructs the cowboy boot peppering nuances of the iconic design throughout.
PHOTOGRAPHER : Mark Hibbert | Featuring Styles:  Connie Olivia



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